Please excuse me, this post may seem even more self indulgent than previously thought possible. I have to admit, not having a regular job has been agreeing with me. My brain has been turning over at such a high rate of revolutions that slipping it into gear has proven difficult.

An Aquarian’s brain you see is always having thoughts and ideas. On a good day a vulcan mind meld with an Aquarian could render Spock positively brain stricken. Having a regular job and routine has kept my brain in check but now I appear to have lost the brake pedal.

So let us digress immediately. Let me share some of the things that have been mulling about my head. Share my burden, who knows you might like it.

Online Auction Websites.

To complete stage one of my personal plan it is necessary for me to auction a fair amount of of household items. This has not been without considerable effort. Not being a fan of wheeling and dealing. I can only rationally deduce that;

auctioning more than 4 items concurrently is soul destroying.

exhibit a, enjoy this profound question tendered to me.

“hello i wanna knw can you drop it off adn is there are try. thank p

Please leave my blog if if that means something to you.

I am managing however. There is a treasure trove of items available right here.

Easily offended people, please note that the adult dvds for sale are merely some clever marketing on my behalf. I know how the internet works. Also if you are easily offended please close the door on the way out.

The practicality of Wizard Robes when touring the world.

When I turned 30 I commissioned the work of a very talented designer for a designer Wizard robe. My previous job did not lend it self very well to Wizardry. To confound things I have been reliably informed by the most reliable person in my life that a Wizards robe is not a very practical thing to take backpacking.

Luckily I have a trump card. I am reliably unpractical. I shall take my Wizards robe with me. If I run out of clean underwear, I can wear my Wizards robe whilst they dry.

What will you do for money?

Sometimes just sometimes my conscience feels brave enough to ask me this. Sometimes my conscience takes the form of boring people who are immune to my spells. I do have my manifesto to fall back upon of course. I am not worried, from writing this very post I know I do not have a future in sales and feel at home in a wizards robe. If that isn’t income security I do not know what is.

Absorbing news can be hazardous to your health

I digest a lot of current affairs and opinion. I love listening to National radio because in between the commentary and interviews one gets to listen to people involved in the arts. However the world is entering a decidedly morose phase. In fact it was with some merriment that one of the h0sts announced today “it w0uld have been nice to have been a caveman and be unplugged from the media”

I do look forward to disconnecting myself from the news. Ignorance is bliss. Especially when one is in a Wizards robe.

The photos arms race

Facebook is a fascinating place to while away y0ur days. There is always something to look at or read. However the sheer amount of photos that go up every second make me wonder if I need a photographer following me about. You see given my considerable literary largess I feel obligated to be my own public relations department. Everyone knows that a picture is worth a thousand words and I am falling behind!

Thats it for now. I actually wrote this lying in bed. Quite often right before I go to sleep my mind is most active. Hopefully we have tired it out for a night.

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