I am back on the internet. Being without the internet is seriously strange. I promised I would write something today, and here I am. Thankfully the universe has provided me with an interesting topic to write about.

The Travel Clinic

Yesterday we visited a medical clinic that specialises in travel health. Gentlemen readers, a trip like this is only conciously contemplated when you are married or close enough to it. Anyway I am positively happy to write the trip was both fascinating and enlightening. Just like me.

The travel clinic is full of travel gadgets and tools. We bought and will be buying a few, including

-A self purifying water bottle
-Compression Stockings
-Universal Voltage Adapters
-Top to toe medical kits

The clinic is full of neat things. Even if your idea of a trip is only across town I am happy to say you could equip and provision yourself ridiculously well for any journey.

The nuts and bolts of our trip was to see a doctor and gather advice on the part of the world we are journeying to. Let me borrow a handily placed bio of the doctor we saw.

The medical director is Dr Anwar Hoosen (qualified as a doctor in 1984) and he has many years of experience in the fields of travel, tropical and emergency medicine. He has previously worked with Worldwise Travellers Health and Vaccination Centers NZ, Travel Doctor New Zealand, Travellers Medical and Vaccination Centers Australia and Travel Doctor Africa. He also has a special interest in emergency care and repatriation medicine, working part time in Accident & Medical clinics and for International SOS.

Dr Hoosen spent 45 minutes giving us a thorough run down on the clinics services. The travel clinic provides worldwide travel alerts online. These travel alerts are referenced when providing location specific recommendations on medical advice. It is very reasssuring that advice is only an email or call away anywhere in the world.

After some deliberation we have commenced a three week course of various immune system protection and resequencing. We should be protected from rabies, tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis A and B before we get on our plane. Handy for those hungry looking, rusty edged and suspiciously addled flight attendants.

We both had a couple of shots yesterday. This was largely painless but we have been a bit lethargic today. Ideally we would plan around this but necessity is a compelling foil.

Good day to you all.

The Travel Clinic can be found at

Apollo Centre, 119 Apollo Drive, Albany , North Shore, Auckland

Contact Details
Tel: +64 9 4773747

Website is http://www.travelclinic.co.nz

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