We have been getting a bit of this and its only natural when you signal your intention to bugger off for four months. The problem is that it is quite hard to both keep it freestyle and also know where you are going to be. To help reassure some of you wondering if we are staging a trip like a poorly acted fake moon landing I have spray painted this map.

The red line is projected as somewhat certain. We fly in to bangkok on the 16th of July and we fly out on the 9th of November. We intend to head north through Laos into Vietnam then down the coast into Cambodia and back thr0ugh Bangkok to the Thai islands. Places of interest that we may visit as are the blue lines. We have friends in China and Taiwan. India is also a neat place that we want to see.

I have found a fantastic website resource that I am busily mirroring as I type.

http://www.travelfish.org/ backpacking website that specializes in South East Asia.

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