It has been a reasonably hectic week! Who would have thought being homeless and jobless would be a full time job? I have not had much time for my mind to idle and start vomiting a rich ambergris of valuable oily malaise.

But in between the chores and sometimes whilst in the midst of them I have pondered thus.

Angry House Work

I have noticed that the angrier my wife and I have been before housework the more productive we are whilst doing the housework. If we get angry during the housework our housework per hour rate actually increases. Initial anger can be created by delaying the housework or better yet not being able to find something because a cloud of deep permeating household disorder hides everything.

Moving house equals drinking beer

The sheer magnitude of house moving I have had to do in the last week has made me drink a lot of beer. The only rational explanation for this is that beer and moving are intertwined and it would be foolish to attempt one without the other. Want to prove me wrong? Try drinking a beer in a house without moving. I dare you.

Optimum Shopping Conditions

Not being a fan of shopping, I have come to learn that shopping satisfaction is entirely dependent on the following.

-Shopping should be done during standard business hours but not at lunch time
-Never shop when there are school holidays or after 3:30pm
-If you must write a list, make sure you take it with you. A written list left at home is closely related to a migraine infused mother in law.

There that does it for a domestic themed post. Somewhat boring and dry, but definitely beats working.

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