After completing an English teaching course in Thailand we meandered our way across Asia and the middle east. We dipped our toes in the Mediterranean and then headed down the Sahara through to the west side of Africa.

It was in the Congo that we were befriended by a tribe of pygmies and have been busy helping in the war effort to defeat the multi national companies that are busy deforesting the pygmies homes. In our most recent raid we used a special blend created by our resident witch doctor to adulterate the camps water supply. This had a couple of good affects. It rendered the camp dwellers completely paralytic and incredibly susceptible to hypnotism. After commandeering the camp foreman announcement system I was able to connect my EEE-PC and play back a pre-recorded message from the chief of the pygmies chief boonwatu-bigchoc asking the loggers to return home

Logging has ceased for the interim. However we know a long term solution will lie in the successful lobbying and manipulation of the political system. Anna and I have been busy gearing the pygmies up for a political march. Each morning they are drilled in uniform walking and chanting slogans. In the afternoons Anna teaches them decorum and power fashion. In the evenings we practice public speaking. I have taken on the role of official speech writer and have been busy writing several oratories which I hope will have some affect.

Tomorrow we say goodbye to our temporary home under the thick lush canopy and move towards the capital of Congo, Brazzaville. Pygmies thankfully are a nomadic people and I am certain that we will succeed with a little help from our little friends.

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