Believe it or not I actually have about three massive posts about 99% done. They just need the final once over by my live in editor. Spurred on by some helpful advice I have been scouring the wild web looking for similar blogs which is not easy sounding or easy to do.

I have a few criteria.

-They must be self supporting and self perpetuating.
-Be bursting of good ideas and action.
-I must not get side tracked before finishing the first paragraph.

I do not ask for much but alas, if you had seen and read what I had….

Anyway I did find one blog suitably link worthy.

Mysterious and Misplaced Logic of a Maniac gone Awry

I have participated in the enticing sounding stranger project.

So yes, it is heartening to find solace in a similar enough blog. They do exist.

Three more sleeps till we fly like birds!

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