Just a quick tale from Koh Samui today. We are packing up and heading to our next destination and for some reason my packing capability is limited when I am on a keyboard.

Dogs seem to rule life here in Thailand. I would wager that there are more dogs per square kilometer here than most places, K9heaven aside of course .

Where we are staying there are three dogs. A large Alsatian who is resort security. A smaller scruffy little fellow who tends to cause trouble and then hide beside occupied beach loungers. And a slippery rodent like dog I have named Ratty.

Ratty is undoubtedly the boss of the place. She is the first to bark and the last to back down. She bullies the scruffy fellow and generally ponce’s around looking mischievous. Yesterday whilst we were having lunch the little scamp sneaked into the kitchen and scurried out quite proud of her self with a small packet.

At first I thought she had found a packet of dried meat or some other tasty treat. Hence I watched with some interest as she diligently pried the prized parcel open. It was not until I saw the hint of a tea bag that I chuckled. Most dogs at this point would have probably turned up a nose and walked away. But not ratty, she worked away on that tea bag until it opened spilling its contents onto the concrete floor. At this point she snuffled and the first dried tea leaves hit her nostrils, not discouraged then continued to drag the tea bag across the floor. She then proceeded to lick up a couple of lines of her brew. By now I thought she was truly mad and it was with some relief that she finally walked away probably to prey on scruffy. Truly a dog’s life.

I have had my first donation! This was cause for some celebration this morning. In case you have not noticed I have added a paypal donation button to this page. If you are feeling particularly altruistic, happy and wish to continue reading about dogs eating teabags, please make a donation. It is reasonably painless and you will feel incredible.

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