Happened to me on the bottom of the sea today. A small cleaning fish attached itself to my four wheeled horse injuries and attempted to clean them up. Now this would have been a bit more than ironic if it had been a sea horse. Hence I was pleasantly amused and a little sketched out when the second fish I laid eyes on was a clown fish. Made famous by you guessed it…... Finding Nemo. Monstorous celestine coincidences aside, SCUBA diving is incredible fun and now I am PADI certified for open water diving I will be embarking on the advanced course. Thoughts come a bit slower at high pressure but are good all the same.

A couple more insights. Nothing says you are a bit more than a bit eccentric when you turn up to the last day of your PADI course in a wizards robe. I have been liberally applying business cards to choice candidates. If you are reading this and have one of my cards, consider yourself in the official cool club.

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