Feet are sacred in Thailand, well they are seen as Tapu or dirty so i am at odds to say i have royally desecrated my poor soles. From that first fresh morning of high intensity jandal galloping which left me with numerous chaffing blisters. The rigours of scooter riding only goaded me into believing four wheels was best leaving my ankles bereft of many layers of skin.

The final(dare I hope) straw was this morning. Ironically and stupidly I had earlier boasted about how i would upload a photo of my poor feet. As I stepped out the door to collect my Wife’s shoes(another irony). My eyes happened upon the largest pool side mountain ever to wear a pair of speedos. My overloaded candor was such that as i turned to make a heartfelt comment to my wife I did the following work of art on the door frame.

There is surely a lengthy proverb in there but i think a simpler truth is needed for me. If your shoes fit wear them. If my tales of self harm have you thinking I am some later day Jackass reincarnate I assure you I am actually quite fond of my body, preferably intact.

Connecting further dots. It was with some relief we came across this huge statue in Ayutthaya. She was reclining, looked beautiful but had really sore feet obviously.

More photos in the usual spots. Or you can just click this link.

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