A new country means new words to learn and a new currency to handle. Language wise Laos is very similar to Thai, the currency however is not. It has a neat name -Kip – but the conversion factor means dividing Kip but 250 to get Baht. All I can add is listen to your maths teachers kids, even when they have hairs growing out of every facial cavity.

Another striking thing about Laos is the inversion of road lanes. Colour me ignorant but I always expected to be pulling out onto route 66 or some other locale and be at odds with the directions cars were coming at me. Therefore it was mildly con fuddling to be overwhelmed by a swarm of scooters and bicycles crossing the road last night.

My feet took a hammering this morning. There could be a pattern emerging. I will blame the last bout of foot fatigue on the incredible French Asian architecture that adorns the streets of Luang Prabang. So, enamored with the sights this morning, it was well after an hour and half of stumbling and photo snapping that I retired footsore and singing the song of the chronically moaning.

Tomorrow we are heading for a waterfall and animal park. The waterfall has restorative powers that have been lying dormant waiting for the visit of a footsore traveler.

last sentence could be true, in fact I am hoping quite hard that it is true.

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