A must do in Vang Vieng is a lazy ride down the local river on a tractor tyre inner tube. A tuk tuk drops you about 4 kilometres up the river. In the rainy season it takes about one hour to make the trip, but there are many distractions.

The distractions are a worthwhile lesson in promotion and marketing for any aspiring entrepreneur. They certainly kept our pod of tubers entertained.

Lesson 1: Provide free fun information to potential customers

Lesson 2: Provide bait for your customer and when they see the bait have a large hook ready.

The ability of the riverside bar attendants to haul in customers was a marvel to see..

Lesson 3: Your bait should be exhilarating. If your customers are not ready to be exhilarated your core product should ease them into it.

This person who resembles me may have enjoyed a lot of product.

Lesson 4: To help facilitate purchasing your core product you should have an incentive system.

Free whiskey shots. He swore it was ginger in the bottom of the bottle.

Lesson 5

Leave your patrons with a nice reminder of how wonderful your place of business is.

Not a bad Friday. What did you get up to?


The title for this post is a play on words from the seminal skateboarding movie of the early 90’s gleaming the cube

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  1. Nez
    Nez says:

    Gleaming the Cube was awesome, it made me want to be the best skater ever. The water looks a bit dirty flash hope you didn’t swallow any 😀


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