The bouts of hanoinsanity and subsequent cure left us a bit out of sorts yesterday. It could have had something to do with the increased alcohol consumption that seems to accompany such fruitful field exercises. I am not yet convinced and will devote more time to this ground breaking research in the future.

It appears that even impending fame has a price. I have been losing clothes regularly during our trip. The only rational explanation is that various purveyors of laundry services have been appropriating items of my clothing for future auctions. Whilst I am flattered I am also running out of t-shirts. The first lady of this fantastic blog has also lost a singlet and a pair of shoes.

Today we went walkabout for about four hours. It appears the scooter riding population of Hanoi are vision impaired, hence they can not see red stop signs or pedestrian crossings. That said the city is full of neat things to gape at including ourselves.

Check out this video it almost does the scooter madness justice

We have organised a trip to Ha Long Bay. A huge shout out to Ernie Dingo and his lovely wife at Sinh cafe opentours . In between the free information about the number of concubines and wives previous Vietnamese dignitaries have had they put together a very competitive package and bus tour. We will be leaving Hanoi and visiting Ha Long Bay tomorrow

Please enjoy these photos of Hanoi. There are full sets up in the usual places.

Before you leave also enjoy the hypnotic chant bought to you by the gracious sponsors of this blog.


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