If you had told me before today that I would willingly pay to sit in a bath full of mud I would have heaped lavish amounts of spoken dirt and wet wit upon you(mudslung).

We almost did not make it. We set off from the heart of Nha Trang shortly after lunch in search of the mineral mud complex. We had vague directions and perhaps boldly thought a swarm of helpful scooter tourist guides would surround us and guide us into the mud. It was not to be. It is heartening to know there is a limit to how many country roads we can scooter blindly down before we start asking questions. The answers were cryptic. One bunch of bystanders wanted to send us back to Hanoi and another fellow tried to send us off to recruit in the Vietnamese army.

At wits end we convinced a scooter taxi to drive to the mud and we followed him. He did not lose us and we managed to find salvation in a bath of mud. There is something strangely satisfying about immersing yourself in a bath full of mud. Mineral mud smells great and covers up commuting ailments instantaneously.

Calling the Nha Trang mineral pools complex a bath full of mud is disingenuous. You can lounge in the sun caked in mud after you have your bath. You can then be hosed with high pressure mineral water jets. There are a variety of hot mineral water pools and there is even a waterfall. Before you leave make sure you take the time to buy a tub of souvenir ex foliating mud just in case you have a harrowing scooter excursion again.

The Thap Ba Hot Spring Centre is situated at 25 Group Ngoc Son Hamlet. Don’t take a scooter unless you have a good map or you want something to write about.

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