As google ads remain the cornerstone of the incredible month on month revenue growth of this blog I have been doing some tinkering with the delivery of said ads.

I am a bit bemused at how google has managed to link my blog with getting *facts* about Scientology. However it does allow us to bleed the coffers dry of the Scientology church.

Surely a sign of my impending fame!

We are off to Saigon early this morning and will be starting our holiday in Cambodia the day after. I have no idea how easy it will be to find internet access but will do my best.

I have a variety of interesting things for you to do if the updates are infrequent. Apart from learning about Scientology you can register as a follower. Look at my new RSS feedburner feed. Listen to UPFM and I even have a poll you can vote on.

Goodbye Vietnam

And now for a message from Tom Cruise.


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