It has been exactly one week since our return to New Zealand. The week has been an interesting one of celebrations, shivers, dogs, wind, rain, sun, grass, roadkill and accumulated things that make New Zealand uniquely New Zealand.

Yesterday I traipsed off merrily to a job interview which in itself was fine. On my drive back to our temporary residence I encountered a traffic snarl up of such a sufficient magnitude that I literally shuddered in my seat. I started to wish I was on a scooter, could yell farang and mount a handily exposed footpath all in quick succession. I then began pining for a sea of tuk tuks and was trying to imagine a ten tuk tuk pile up. Hopefully these thoughts will subside, I do not want to be dodging imaginary Elephant dung.

A returned traveler is constantly juggling stories and desperately trying to remember which stories have previously been told to whom and when. Traveling emboldens a person with the latent ability to segue from any topic in conversation back to accumulated traveling experiences. An added complication for me is having written regularly about our travels I feel at odds re reciting stories even though I do love the sound of my own voice. Hence it is sometimes wise to bite ones tongue and just let things seep out even it is just through your sun tan.

I would like to take a moment to comment positively on the reserve bank lowering the official cash interest rate in the week following my return to New Zealand. Petrol prices have also eased noticeably. It is small things like this that will make even more of the general population appreciative of my steady calming personality and the glittering trail of stardust which I leave in my wake.

Furthermore I would like to announce to the esteemed and earnest listeners of UPFM who are attending Spring Break this weekend I will be in the assembled crowd and answering questions about my travels. I shall also be distilling the experience for a wordy review at some point next week. Be wary and or strangely enamored by chaps wearing Vietnamese hats.

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