Regular mass transit has turned self regulated motor vehicle transport into a novelty for me. Funnily enough I still find the time to think of ways to improve the experience. During a long trip to Tauranga last Saturday I was taken back by the antics of other drivers on the open road. Rudimentary statistical sampling would indicate that one in ten drivers is positively mad, insane or has a death wish. This got me thinking, how I could fix this malady?

Then I remembered something that I had read. Providing quality feedback is a great way to invoke positive change. If you hadn’t read that before you have just now. Traditional driver feed back is not elegant or effective. Hand gesticulations and the horn do not improve peoples driving. They can in fact make people drive worse.

Then I thought… Wouldn’t it be great if you could send short sentences to other drivers for immediate cohesive digestion? Here are few choice phrases that would be good to send to people.

-You appear to have your foot stuck to your accelerator.
-You appear to not know your left lane from your right lane
-Please get your eyes tested. I do not think you can see the yellow lines.
-I know that your wife is going to have a baby. That is the only logical excuse for you to be driving so fast. But dead people have problems in the delivery room.
-Nice car. Shame you can not drive.
-Please stop driving. Given the amount of smoke your car is belching it might be about to explode.

Feel free to add more as comments.

These messages could be matched, cross referenced and delivered to the car owners mobile phone from the licence plate. It would be nice if the messages were played through the recipient’s car stereo. Good driving could be rewarded in similar ways but who wants to say something nice to a random person? I did until I started driving again.

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