What an interesting couple of days. Yesterday I attempted an online teleconference with the irrepressible Dave Moore who is returning from a tour of duty in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Technical difficulties prevented a true audio and visual teleconference but with the wonders of the modern digital world we live in he was able to confirm his homecoming next week with typed word.

Dave Moore served as a gracious host in our visit to Chiang Mai. His command of traditional and not so traditional customs ensured that we were doing things that are not typically done by tourists. In fact many of the things we did are not normally done by people of sound mind, body and blood alcohol levels but it was still important research; sterling, gripping and slightly hair raising all at the same time.

Eventually the conversation meandered towards Dave returning and he asked if there was anything I would like for him to bring me back from that part of the world. Short of a portable elephant or a return ticket back to Chiang Mai I was at loss for what he could bring but…….

Last night I dreamed of Beer Lao and its amazing abilities.

Beer Lao imparts:

-The vitamin producing affects of sunshine
-Tightens your cheeks into a smile
-Slows your walking speed by 30%
-Increases your standard deviation deviations and latent deviate
-A higher probability of buying singlets

I love Beer Lao. So does everyone who has ever drunk it.

Imagine my surprise when this morning I discovered I had been added by this person on Facebook.

What are the chances? More puzzling is that you can not actually buy Beer Lao in Thailand to my knowledge but please excuse my geographical and dream state licenses. One is hideously expired and I fell asleep getting the other one.

All of this in turn prompted a subsequent conversion with my resident PHD in alcohol procurement and consumption. Within 5 minutes he informed me of where I can buy Beer Lao in New Zealand.

Thank Buddha.

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