It appears that one of my more recent hypothesis has born fruit. I do work best flat on my back. My laptop seems to act as a thought conductor of some merit when nestled on my knees. The road to landing flat on my back has been a treacherous path and it was only after the cessation of Christmas shopping and the delightful dawning of an unencumbered future which allowed me to lie thus. Even now I peer to the left and right cautiously because I am not alone…….

Daily I am left wondering what a boon of good fortune allows me to lead the life I lead. Current circumstance has left me in charge of a rather large pool, property and associated condiments but I have a foil, in the form of an overly fluffy, pugnacious and altogether abstract Cat. Caesar is his name but he seems to be more closely related to a circus troupe and spends his days, catapulting, flying, scratching, hounding and destroying sections the foreseeable horizon. To his credit on the rare occasions that he sleeps, he does lie as a Roman would on a curule chair. I am convinced the Cat is possessed or the result of a magic spell gone wrong. I just can not think of 10 personalities that could accurately sum up the person inside.

-An intrepid cardboard box base jumper
-An interior re designer
-An interior demolisher
-A garden weed eater
-Carpet re texturing service
-Kitchen hand
-Bed ridden sloth
-Personal room sized whirlwind
-Rubbish collector and re distributor

Cats are great things to live with. I think.

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