Things move in cycles. Chains, tyres and pedals. Given that it is also three months from the second volume of a rather large adventure beginning I also find myself in the same position I was in April of last year. A feeling of limbo, apprehension and building excitement.

In case you had not been reading, listening or particularly coherent we will be leaving New Zealand again in March to travel to the old world. Once there we will find passage on a super yacht or similar vessel and sail the sublime Mediterranean.

Last week I unwillingly took my first steps towards this goal by having to nuke my EEE-PC. Purged and clean it sits waiting for new tales to tell. This morning I downloaded a talking French phrase book for my wifes iPhone. I suspect our rudimentary Hello and Thank You vocabulary which served us well in South East Asia might need to be expanded upon.

Two weeks ago we donated our camera to some random good souls of Auckland. I am not sure what purpose this serves but it will be nice to get a new camera. Maybe one with expanded video capacity as video is all the rage with the kids these days.


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