What is the supplement to any exhaustive argument? Statistics. Let me share with you some blog statistics for the year ending 2008. Google offers a fantastic service called analytics which lets me glean all sorts of interesting(for me and accountants) information.

First off lets look at where visitors to this blog originate from.

In a sliding scale of green obviously New Zealand is a stronghold. America has good representation as does the UK, Australia and countries visited during the first chapter of the Rather Large Adventure volume 1. Sadly China, Russia, India and Africa remain untapped. I did think of making a censored version to appease Chinese censors but the resulting page looked something like this.

The average person visited this blog for a total of three minutes and 58 seconds. 53% of visitors visited more than once. 47 Percent vanish never to return again. 32% of visitors visited between 9 and 200 times.

69 percent of my visitors are viewing in US-English. British speaking types do not be offended if you see more American spelling. I must reach out to them.

For a break down of how people are viewing this blog.

1. 91.57%
2. 7.03%
3. 0.82%
4. 0.45%
5. 0.08%
6. 0.04%

Potential investors will be glad to know the revenue for this blog topped $100 US.

$59.52 came from ad revenue. Click those ads click those ads.
$50 came through donations. Donate to me Donate to me.

Fascinating stuff. Surely I am running out of things to write about today?


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