I have written about dogs before but last night I had the pleasure of seeing a particularly smart one. My bus rides have become increasingly boring. I have joined the brain numbed flock, except on Fridays when I seat boogie a bit more than usual.

Last night a blind man got on the bus with his guide dog. I don’t get to see guide dogs very often and I was very impressed with the courteous intelligence the dog showed. It patiently queued with the rest of us and made sure it sat well out of the isle. It even smelled better than a good proportion of bus patrons.

I once mooted going and working for a guide dog training center. A rewarding job, but there is a Hollywood saying that working with animals and children can be problematic. Still it would be nice to come back as a guide dog. If only for the smugness of being able to walk where ever you please and being universally adored.

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