A working persons curse, the humble fire drill strikes fear in most. I don’t think they ever happen at a convenient time. I thought I would take the opportunity to maximize the opportunity and write about them.

Obviously the fire drill has passed. A born rebel the thought of perishing in a fire blogging furiously is romantic but also stupid. This particular fire drill was more of a forced congregation with the rest of the building. The wardens did not take attendance rolls. In fact I am struggling to think of positives but have managed a few.

-Got to chit chat with and identify the smokers.
-Got to get a coffee.
-Walked up six flights of stairs because the lifts were insanely busy.

If I was in charge of fire drills I would reroute the air conditioning to include some artificial smoke. Dormant computers would make realistic screaming noises. Having a fire truck turn up would also add some drama.

Now we are talking.

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