I watch a lot of television. Not traditional terrestrial television but digitally acquired television. I got thinking a few days ago about how I would break into television if I had the chance to be a writer on a television show. Obviously a lot of genres are heavily represented. Medical dramas, crime dramas and the ubiquitous situational comedy all have an abundance of shows. This got me thinking how would I differentiate my television show?

The newspaper seller

Follow the life of a newspaper salesperson as they brave the elements and roadside rubbish. Learn the techniques from a master. Probably not that compelling…..

The mechanic

Join in the laughs at a garage. Customers bring cars to get serviced. Oily and greasy dialog. You might glimpse a risqué calendar in the background.


High rolling dentists on the prowl. Plenty of blood and dodgy dealings. Learn what happens when you get exposed to a lot of radiation and breathe nitrous daily.

Green keepers

Golfing with a twist. Tending the grounds and trimming the fairways. Hunting trespassers and finding the odd drunk person passed out in a bunker.

The morgue

I know crime shows sometimes have a scene or two in a morgue. But a whole show dedicated to a morgue would be both macabre and strangely awesome. What do people at a morgue talk about on lunch break? What is the lingo? The ultimate make over show.

An attentive and erstwhile reader has informed me that there is indeed a show that does this called Six Feet Under.

That is enough for now. I will give this some more thought and add some more later….

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