After a typically warm night of turning and tumbling through the small hours, I lurched outside this morning to walk the streets and continue the social improvement of our immediate environment. It was therefore surprising to be nibbled by the beginnings of winter. February is usually the hottest month in this part of the world so to feel a bit cold was an unwelcome reminder of the march of seasons.

Unprepared for the cold I adapted my clothing in a time honoured method by placing my arms inside my t-shirt. Charming to a fault this does make you feel warmer. But it also has the unwelcome side affect of looking like you have no arms or are hiding a straight jacket underneath the t-shirt.

Cantering in front of my wife armless to increase my circulation only served to further the theory that I was in fact under the care of a kind lady. It was pleasing to note that we had a 100% good morning response rate. I can only surmise it is harder to ignore someone with no arms than someone with two.

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