Does such a thing exist? I fondly remember my first tequila experience. I think I did about six traditional shots of a particularly pungent brew. The next morning I woke encircling a toilet bowl in a suitably authentic frontier wagon arrangement.

Naturally affronted at such a rude awakening and I quickly exited the toilet to discover I had a new girlfriend. I could only blame this on the miraculous judgement impairing qualities of Tequila. Unfortunately my new girlfriend had arisen to start throwing beer bottles into a recycling bin. If ever there was a noise which can grievous pain to a hangover, it is the sound of glass smashing against itself. Sadly my new girlfriends voice was not much better than this noise. Tequila obviously alters human hearing in addition to impairing judgement.

What other drink is sold with a worm? I know of none. What other drink would, after drinking a portion make eating a worm seem like fun? Tequila. It is indeed a very strange set of circumstances that has lead me to staring down the bottle of two Tequila infused events.

Next Friday will see a Mexican themed farewell drinking session at my place of work. Tequila included. Secondly on the last Monday of our time in New Zealand will entail a birthday dinner at a Mexican cafe. Tequila compulsory.

I can’t see either being a quiet drink of Tequila. So my question remains.

Has anyone successfully had a quiet drink of Tequila?

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  1. Nez
    Nez says:

    Never. There really is something about tequila, people won’t start drinking it if they don’t want it to take them to their ‘dark place’. It usually produces good stories, such as this one though, which you can look back at and chuckle. One thing that is really horrible though is chucking up mexican food after drinking a lot of tequila, it does NOT taste good going in the other direction at all.

  2. El Draco
    El Draco says:

    Sorry champ. Things are going to get a bit sporadic from here on in. The volume should be about the same but I am in my last week of work. Next week I will be doing my super yacht course and then a couple of days before we jet.


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