Rising early and getting to our course venue with plenty of time to spare allowed us to scope out valuable amenities like the basketball court and microwaves. Our class size is small, fifteen. Our tutor is an affable character and our lessons are well paced with only a hint of slumber entering my mind at about 1:50 pm.

Our first day was spent learning about surviving at sea and the different technologies that are used in facilitating rescues and long periods cooped up in a life vessel. One of the more interesting things learned was the Titanic disaster expedited most of the our modern day sea emergency procedures. Who would have thought a block busting movie could have made such a huge impact? I shouldn’t joke.

I really shouldn’t joke because on leaving today’s course we found that a large fast moving iceberg had jolted our car into a van causing considerable damage and carnage. Sadly icebergs leave little evidence when the sun is shining. We did find the remnants of a headlight and a hint of red paint. A suspiciously fitted out iceberg.

Tomorrow we have a practical day of swimming, righting inflatable life rafts and woe betide any iceberg that gets in my way.

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