Easter Sunday in Antibes began with a visit to the de toilette. A stealthy bunny had deposited a couple of eggs which were met with welcome hands and Anna and I devoured them before our usual breakfast.

Our extended whanau had celebrated long into the night so we decided to go for a walk and capture some fresh eggs as the apartment was full of chocolate bounty which could need replenishing. The local casino coughed up plenty of eggs, we visited a bakery and bought a couple of baguettes to complement the condiments.

I now have to describe the calorific collateral damage which comes with living with two chefs. On our return an egg tasting session started which to be honest has not finished yet. Chef Shafiq created a baguette cheese Vegemite branston pickle mayo ensemble which by all reports was very tasty.

Some of the later risers opted for a rapturous risotto which was was still packing a punch from Friday night. At some point before 11am I enlightenly decided to purchase some more Gin. I delegated the Gin purchasing to studious Sam who on return had managed to lose the Fifty Euro note I had given her. This slight has delivered quite a lot of comedic mileage and we all wait with baited breath for someone to provide more stupidity for us all to laugh at. Luckily my wife supported the second Gin purchasing mission as she had zip up pockets which are less prone to losing Fifty euro notes.

Chef Shafiq delivered again with a potato mash up with freshly raped parmeson, butter, mayonnaise and essential herbs and spices. Anna decided to lighten things up with a healthy salad which was heartily devoured until all semblance of healthy fibre had dissipated.

Remedial action had to be taken and our next course was to be crepes ala duck or nutella depending on your persuasion.

Naturally I am devastated at my Sunday thus far. We have run out of Gin and if I could move with out all of the food pulsating through my digestive system I would be venturing out to get some more.

Gin that is.

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