With jet lag and/or the incessant indulging of food and alcoholic beverages still weighing heavily on our minds much of Antibes still remains a mystery.

We did take a long walk down the coast this morning. It takes about half an hour to get down to the next port. There are some incredibly large yachts and I would have openly salivated if it wasn’t so bitterly cold and dark. It was 5am and my hoodie is in desperate need of a clean as it has visually suffered from sustained impromptue bouts of drinking and eating. The weather is on the improve however and we are expecting 23 degrees today.

My only other observation from the walk this morning is that only other people up and about were impeccably well dressed ladies and gentlemen walking home from discotheques. They were even walking straight which is in itself remarkable. What a curious race the French are.

Some of you might remember the no horseplay signs which dotted the gymnasium we frequented in our trip to Australia last year. Imagine my excitement when I saw the sign for the pool which is a part of our apartment complex.

Clearly you should not dive, play with balls or engage in TARZAN acts, I look forward to diving from a rope swing whilst juggling.

I haven’t had time to document all of the eclectic malaise which is part of our habitat but I do have one more photo to share.

Check out the size of the light switches here.

Huge. My success campaign has been getting some traction as has my new catch cry.

I am going to blog the sh*t out of that.

Time to venture out and find some fresh quarry.

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