It seems fitting that the inspiration for this entry came from a physical mishap. I was thinking about asking the gods of the internet for a sign or omen. My socks had become wet from a leaking water bottle. I leapt off the bed to invade the lounge and was assaulted violently by a wardrobe pillar. My right ankle turned inside out in its haste to dodge the pillar. This evasive action was for naught and I retired to the bed a whimpering shadow of my former self.

Luckily my wife was on hand to provide first aid. The remedial properties of frozen French chicken nuggets are to be admired. As are the various pharmaceuticals we imported from New Zealand. Minutes later I had struggled to the end of the bed to find the laptop and commenced writing this pain induced 250th post.

Tomorrow we are leaving Antibes at the incredibly early time of 4am to head towards Marseilles. We will be visiting St Tropez and Cannes on our way home. Before I arrived in France I thought St Tropez was a type of sun block.

There is probably a point in my writing today. I just can’t for the life of me see it. I blame the blood rushing from my brain to my foot. That and the pain killers

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