Cameras Ready Prepare.


It was with expectant hearts and excited eye balls we ventured by train to sample the Cannes film festival on Saturday the 16th of May.

The train ride was full of similarly minded people and it was slightly odd to feel part of an Australian invasion of Cannes as we jumped off the train.

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Why are we chanting Aussie?

Whimper Whimper…….

The theme for the night was searching for the elusive essence of the Cannes film festival. Our bright and cheery squadron filed down Cannes many streets in a dizzying range of formations. I likened it to a once in a life time comet which gained, lost velocity, sense of purpose and significant members intermittently with some regularity.

I was quite happy on our first run to the Casino to spy the elusive paparazzi.

Check out these sad sacks of shit.

Feel better about your lot in life?

I do. Please excuse the quality of my photos. I was quite literally performing a pedestrian drive by.

The Casino was an impeccable place to water oneself with alcoholic beverages and indulge in the time honoured task of looking rich and famous.

The period directly following the Casino is best described with the following sentences.

Bar found.
Limousine ooo.

At some point I found a shoe outside a car of some pedigree. I likened the shoe to Cinderella’s slipper. Except the shoe was not a slipper. It was not glass. It was also broken.

This did not stop me from balancing the said shoe perfectly on my head and walking for a considerable amount of time.

I could have been a model.

We eventually ended back in the Casino. I took on the role of a lucky charm. Dishing out mad luck to everyone playing Black Jack. We befriended a very rich handsome writer/director who could be reading my blog right now. I gave your one man entourage my business card.

You were cool

I am sorry that the coin operated toilet did not work for you, which we escorted you to after the Casino closed. But if you are ever in New Zealand feel free to look me up or my parents.

And that ladies and gentlemen was the Cannes Film Festival 2009.

Rock and Roll.


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