Colour me not impressed but my first real experience of South Africans was not a particularly rosy one. An incredibly unpleasant South African chef grafted himself on to my girlfriend at the times sister and managed to export himself to New Zealand. He had a fierce temper and self assured cockiness which made for a poor ambassador.

Anton Rushinecko I just took your name and miss spelled it. I hope you are balding and an accident with some x-ray equipment has rendered you infertile. Up until seven years ago this was my sole South African experience until a particularly brilliant scholar of sorts hurtled through my rapidly expanding circle of friends.

Fast forward to now and the streets of Antibes are awash with South Africans. They have a reputation for scrupulous spending, working hard and questionable ethics. It was two South
Africans working for free I fear who cost me a days work on Octopus. Hence inhabitants of the dark continent have occupied a part of my brain which is reserved for criminals and horses; until now.

I am happy to say a South African acquaintance has helped me to get some more day work upon a yacht. He is also a wealth of gossip. Information is gold in this industry.

So South Africans. Let me toast a glass of wine which is far superior in your country. I still do
not know what a rand is worth but may you always quote everything in rand. May things remain kiff. I am sure your political system will be worth poking fun at one day and may your accents remain forever the same.

Please excuse my hasty editing. Ever used a French keyboard?

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