Well into my second week of Super Yacht living I have a couple of magical stories to tell you all about.

Firstly we have a magic fridge on board.

It auto magically refills itself when you are not watching. I have tried in earnest to deplete it so I can at least see the back of it, but try as I might it always seems to refill with beer, water and soft drinks when I am not looking.

We also have a magic laundry. There are two baskets, one is labelled whites and lights and the other is labelled darks and colours. As long as you file your dirty clothes correctly they magically appear on your bed one day later clean and folded.

This magic is playing havoc with my own sense of decorum. I have started to notice how clean things are. I actually caught myself being quite excited at the prospect of washing down the boat ahead of a visit we have on Saturday.


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