It appears some of you may have lost track of where exactly I am. Now that my wife is leaving me for the foreseeable future I thought it would be prudent to pin the tail on the boot as it were and show you exactly where in the world I am habituating.

There is no drama in my wife leaving me by the way. She has got a three month job contract which is wonderfully timed as my temporary job finishes on Friday. The next little while promises to be very character building. Which is a shame as I have always thought I am a wonderful character which has never needed further building just the occasional spring clean or spring break.

Getting back to my map. You can see to the north Viareggio which was the scene of a horrific train crash on Tuesday morning. Inland is Florence, Lucca and Milan they are both tantalisingly close and deserving of my eyeballs. Sadly they do not have ports to speak of. But I do have it on good authority that Milan has a large lake.

Lucca is important to me because it is where Caesar created his first triumvirate. It is sadly easy to forget the overwhelming history which is only a train ride away. Which brings me to my next point. There startling lack of statues of Caesar in Italy! Unfortunately during the Roman empire statues where designed to have removable heads for changes in power. So whilst there are plenty of Octavian and other emperors real Caesar statues are hard to come by.

The search for a job and Caesar continues……

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