Today started off a bit differently. I needed to return a set of keys to town. I lowered the gangway and hopped on board my trusty steed (bicycle). There was a formidable wind blowing at my tail as I sped off down the port road towards Livorno.

I had almost slipped past a large truck when the drivers door opened causing me to pirouette neatly through the air landing on the friendly tarseal gouging my leg in multiple places and spraining my right thumb.

From what I can make out the driver was very apologetic. But instead of offering me bandages, pharmaceuticals, money or a portable nurse he offered me aqua(water). Given my pain this tickled a long dormant bug bear. What is water going to do in a physical emergency? Hydration is not a priority when you fall off a bike. The final indignity was the bicycle chain had come unattached.

Water is not always the answer plainly.

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