A couple of salty tales from last week. Before our sea trial we had some serious winds hammering Livorno which were making our Yacht lurch quite a bit in dock. I felt the lurching strangely comfortable at night time but I did notice at lunch on Thursday that there is an art to eating food when you are in such conditions.

On Friday we left Livorno to commence our sea trial. This was a water shed moment for me because I was violently ill in Thailand when we were in rough seas. I have glossed over this memory in my official capacities because no body likes to admit to being sea sick. Unless they have a cunningly crafted blog.

Thankfully I was not sick during our sea trial. However in what was Jackass tribute week I did capsize carrying a large fender.

Not quite that large.

The great indignity is that I fell right in front of the bridge which was full of people looking after the sea trial. I am 100% certain that if I had had full range of motion in my right hand thumb I would not have fallen.

So here I am on my day off desperately wanting to venture outside, sheepishly si prega di non incidenti.

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