The title of this blog entry was initially going to be “The stupidest thing I have done this year”. After some deliberation it was decided that this might be a tad grandiose and short sighted. I have done quite a few stupid things this year and we still have a few months to go.

Anyway I had enjoyed a splendid bottle of French champagne, gorged myself on a 600 gram steak at a fabulous restaurant only to be gleefully coerced into a quick night cap or three at a pub. I then walked a lady of high blood alcohol levels home to her yacht. Feeling full, noble and more than a bit tipsy I retired to my cabin. It is worth noting at this point that I had not drank much water in the previous eight hours.

It is here where deductive reasoning must step in because my memories are a bit hazy

At some point during the night I went to the toilet. On my return to bed I noticed that the blankets were missing and the bed seemed an odd shape. After an uncomfortable period I finally twigged that I was not in my bed.

I had climbed into the bathroom porthole.

How I managed to do this is quite remarkable.

Please enjoy these illuminating photos.


Bathroom porthole

When I finally woke in my correct bed, my sheepish brain was quite happy to write the experience off as a bad dream.

Sadly the toiletries discarded on the floor of the bathroom were ghastly evidence of me trying to make the porthole comfortable.

Truly a story to tell my future Grandchildren about.

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  1. Unknown
    Unknown says:

    Daniel in 15 years you are the first person I know to have done this, for that I thank you from the bottom of my chuckling heart. A Gin night I take it? Bravo!

  2. Bagel
    Bagel says:

    Dude, this is great!!! As I was reading I was thinking oh he must have gone to someone else bed by mistake but a bathroom porthole? Classic!

    Great read 🙂


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