Right here. You are reading about it.

So the two vessels next door have the exact same name and the same owners. The tale behind the names and owners is quite saucy. Do not adjust your screen.

An American couple want a Super Yacht. Yacht is ordered and mostly paid for. The couple walk on board. Wife decides she does not want it. Shipyard are left to take care of Yacht and the bill. A new Yacht is ordered.

Husband and Wife turn up to start a seventeen day charter on the new Yacht. Wife decides she hates the new Yacht. She then decides she hates the crew. She wants to fire all of the crew but seems to lack the cognitive reasoning that a crew less boat is not much fun at all.

After finishing her charter. she fires all of the crew and guess what……

She deicides she likes the first boat again.

What is really funny is the sea gulls all line up every morning to shit all over her Yacht. They seem to leave everyone else alone. Clever birds.

On a lighter note. Tuesday was our long suffering Engineers birthday. From the original crew he is the last remaining and should be leaving us at the end of the month.

My first experience of Alberto was my very first night on board. I was sleeping in his cabin and had popped off to sleep. I soon heard him. Alberto is a formidable snorer. Luckily we had a full stocked arsenal of nespresso for me to demolish the next morning.

A couple of weeks later I started dismantling the CO2 detector in my sleep. This set off a ship wide alarm and Alberto came to the rescue. Everyone that meets Alberto thinks he is a top guy so we went to town for his birthday.

I got up extra early and decorated the aft deck.

We then had fresh fish for lunch and some fantastic Champagne.

A lovely day for a lovely bloke.


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