I have learned that making plans can be fraught with disappointment. However as of 09/09/09 our current plans are.

We are heading to Imperia on Tuesday. We will be there a few days before we go to the Monaco Yacht show.

The Monaco boat show is a big deal. A massive industry event and a lot of Yachts will be there. Only 2 percent of the Yachts there actually sell, a fact that is often glossed over. But it is a great junket: a lot of free booze, parties and a good opportunity to network.

Following the show we are coming back to Viareggio and our Captain wants to move the yacht closer to France for Winter. Something that we are not thrilled about, Viareggio is a good place for winter if you are a Yachty. It has a lot of ship yards and a lot of Yachts winter here so there are plenty of people about.

Anna and I are wanting to go away for a week at the start of October. We will take in a few days of Paris and return to London. Hard to believe it has been five years.

The future is a little bit murkier, we don’t want to get cold. But I would rather be cold with a job than warm and unemployed. The Caribbean season gets started in December so we might leave Europe and head over there.

Compounding all of this is the mental engineer. I had blamed his lunacy on the full moon which happened last Friday. Nevertheless he started getting upset again yesterday. He goes off *shopping* for bits and pieces and we have caught him out sitting at the bar a few times.

I am sorry updates have been sparse and infrequent. Things are quite not cricket at the moment.

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