I woke up to an odd sensation this morning. It was dark, there was a strobe like pulse flickering in my port hole. I wrote it off as being an erratic hard drive or gadget that often nest in my habitats like birds in a tree.

I continued my morning routine and made a startling discovery as I went up the stairs into the crew galley. There was very little natural light. Upon opening the door outside I was greeted by the heavy falling of earth bound droplets of moisture (rain). The strobe like pulse had been lightning. There was also an awful lot of thunder.

I felt at home. It has not really rained here for 3 months. The last week though has been frequently cloudy and I must admit I have felt a little bit cold at some points. Having had four summers continuously over the last couple of years there was a rebellious part of me that wanted to pack my bags and head south. However it was soon curtailed by the prospect of wearing wet weather gear!

There is some deliciously satisfying about wearing a rain coat and gum boots and sloshing around. This has been my whole day, a smorgasbord of dampened delights. The weather has postponed our passage to Imperia so we will soak up a bit more of Viareggio before we get under way.


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