With not much travelling on the horizon for the immediate future I thought I would write a series of illuminating and hopefully funny mini biographies on the crew on board our new Yacht.

Filip or Uncle Phil is the person I spend most of my time with. He is the other Deckhand so we naturally work together. He is our youngest crew member and without sounding like someone who reads a lot of football magazines he is a lot of fun to hang out with.

Some interesting facts about Uncle Phil.

He is a self professed Ski bum/ Yacht bum.

His eyes pop out of his head when talking about Swedish meat balls.

He likes to snus

We were both given lucky charm nuts by our local restaurant. We promptly ate Phil’s one over some beers. We didn’t know it was lucky at the time and it tasted like shit.

He would make an excellent bicycle mechanic or Ikea assembler.

He loves Europe but often prefaces other nationalities with expletives.

He likes to tout Sweden as the origin of all worthwhile inventions, pop culture and art of merit when he is bored.

He seems to be quite photogenic.

I don’t think this will be the last you read about Uncle Phil.

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