Nautical tid bit of the day.

When a rope joins a boat it becomes a line. All ropes on boats are called lines.

On Wednesday we took delivery of our mooring lines.

To say our mooring lines are stupidly huge would be a grossly negligent understatement. For the less salty of you I will try and give you some frames of reference.

If our lines were normal sized, one person could move/drag one with a bit of effort.

Ours are enormous. they are 56 mm thick and ridiculously heavy. They are larger than the lines used on the biggest Super Yacht in the world. Our second Engineer was happy to announce they are larger than what they had on his last cruise ship. They would not look out of place on a super tanker.

Naturally the deck department was really excited to receive them and start tossing them about like shoe laces. After some practice we can move one line from one end of the boat to the other in about half an hour. It is a four person job and we have to do it in stages like a big fuck off rocket.

What is also astounding is the sheer length of lines we have. We have close to a kilometre of mooring lines. Right now there is a rope salesman that has retired and is probably planning a trip to out of space with spare change from the commission he made selling these lines.

One of our lines weighs 300 kilograms. This is our towing line. Our towing line could capsize/sink a small boat if it was dropped on it.

Our lines are so heavy that I dropped one in exhaustion at a critical moment. Luckily they are so heavy it didn’t matter. They take a long time to go anywhere and they do not move in a hurry.

Our lines are so huge and tiresome that only now I have had the strength to raise my arms long enough to type.

Fuck we have awesome lines.

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