With a week up our sleeves over New Years, Anna and I have decided into venture to Prague in the Czech Republic.

Initially we were going to go to Vienna. This was probably a foolhardy choice. I listened to a very dodgy looking yard worker who has Love and Hate tatooed on his fists. He said Vienna was very picturesque and all of it’s people waltzed after the clock chimed in the new year. While this sounds very romantic and did pique my interest it is worth noting I can not waltz to save myself as guests to my wedding can attest.

Anyway. Everybody on our boat said go to Prague. The benefits are numerous.
We will never visit Prague on a Super Yacht
It is a Mecca for beer drinkers
It is the centre of the ancient Kingdom of Bohemia
It has a lot of history
It has an incredibly diverse night-life and club scene senza waltz dancing
It has the largest castle in the world
It has the seventh best zoo in the world!
We are going to drive to Prague. We will get to drive through/over the Alps and through a section of Germany. How cool is that?

Bring on the Prague!

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