I was not planning on playing much golf this year. But about halfway into my first navigational watch I made a startling discovery. Our Captain is really a golf fanatic who happens to drive a Super Yacht between courses of interest. He has his clubs stowed in a handy place and usually books course times well in advance.

Yesterday we made the trip to Malta’s one and only golf course the Royal Malta Golf Club. Founded in 1888 the golf course sits in a complex with some very English bastions of sporting prowess. Archery, Polo, Horse Racing and Athletics.

Having not played golf regularly since I was a teenager and not having had a full round for at least 8 years I elected on visiting the driving range first. With a bucket of balls I quickly discovered that whilst my short irons were straight anything longer than a four iron was travelling wildly off course. Two competing rugby teams also discovered this and were soon keeping eyes over shoulders whilst I warmed up.

My first hole was good. I scored a par five and was quite happy to call it a day at that. Unfortunately that was the highlight and I spent the rest of the day visiting the wrong fairways and impressing upon the captain my vast vocabulary of swear words in different languages. My Captain had a pedometer on. The point to point distance of the course was five kilometres. He walked eight helping me find golf balls. I think I must have walked 10 kilometres.

I did enjoy myself and I think we will be going back this weekend. We might also be playing some pro courses in Abu Dhabi. I hope they have wider fairways but I fear I will still be doing a lot of walking.

Interesting hole with a hill to hit over and a tunnel to walk through. I hit the green and three putted. I did a lot of putting.

Nice fairway with view back to town.

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