9:00pm Apparently I am obviously drunk! I am not drunk I am just getting in the football spirit.

9:45pm We have found a Mexican stream to watch. Mexican television has interesting male potency pill advertisements during ad breaks.

9:58pm Mexican TV has some interesting advertisements for debt relief. Who knew getting debt relief could be so sexy and beige?

10:00 pm David is fired up. He has been pacing around and he just yelled something in Spanish. I have never heard him yell anything ever.

10:06 Phil and I have started discussing relative air conditioning temperatures in our cabins. David is not amused.

10:08 A very near miss by the team we have waged quite a lot of money on.

10:09 I am not watching much of the game. I am going to try and watch some.

10:11 I have successfully got Phil to eat some prawn crackers. He does not eat shellfish or seafood so it is amusing looking at his face as it contorts.

10:17 Philip is talking about leaving. I am going to shame him into staying by calling him out.

10:20 Celta (the team we have bet on) is playing really well. Our all knowing and wise second engineer predicted this. He also predicted that they would fall away at the end. We all hope he was wrong.

10:23 I am not slapping my knee enough. Slapping ones knee hard is an important supporting tool.

10:25 The wise and all knowing engineer popped his head in to watch the game and the opposing team scored a goal. When I am tired of being a super hero and fade away I will return as a super villain engineer .

10:33 Phil would like to announce for the record I am not intoxicated that I was at 09:00pm. I refute this and blame my temperament on the highly dangerous salted peanuts we are eating.

10:45 It is half time and our live stream is broken. We looked online and the chat screen for the match had a Mexican saying !tequila. Go figure.

10:49 The bow flex is alive and well in Mexico.

10:52 I think we are almost out of peanuts.

10:58 Anyone else find it telling I found a way to be on a computer during my first ever full game of football I sat in front of?

10:59 Our team has 56% ball possession.

11:07 I have unravelled the advertising mystery. With some male potency pills, debt relief and a bow flex I could probably get more excited about football.

11:15 I fall asleep on the couch dangerously far away from my computer. I continue to sleep until the dying minutes of the game when I stumble off to bed dodging barbs and slurs thrown at me by Uncle Phil. Celta lost the game by one goal unfortunately.

Technically I did sit in front of a full game of football. I was just not awake for half of it.

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