Our exit from the Suez canal was a bit smoother than our entrance. Our second to last pilot made off with a guest hair dryer and his compatriot had an interesting way of disposing used toilet paper. We will be better prepared for our return passage.

We made a night passage to Abutig marina and have been here since Sunday. The marina and resort town offer a very sanitised version of the Egyptian experience. You will find no street hawkers or beggars here. Our mooring people did not ask for cigarettes and everything is quite peachy.

Kite surfing camp


We have had a very tight schedule preparing for a photo shoot and to make the boat show in Abu Dhabi. We have been promised some time here on our way back and it will be nice to do some reef and wreck diving and some other of the many water sports on offer.

Other than that, team deck has been laughing a lot. This afternoon we entered a delightfully delirious state of tiredness. Many odd things were witnessed.

Whilst we were removing a sand like skin from our anchors El Fuerte was spotted tasting this substance.

Not to be outdone Uncle Phil was soon juggling cleaning products. We were actually cleaning cleaning products at the time.

Respective parents we are working hard as you can see and we always have music playing because it sounds good.

We will leave Egypt tomorrow and join a Chinese navy convoy. We will lose internet coverage soon after and will not be online until the 22nd of February. I will be writing stories but they will obviously not be here until the end of the month.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hi everyone, good to see that you are keeping up the good Blomdell joggeling Filip, and Dan.. looking forward to some moore swedish words.
    Keep up the good works
    Take care
    Mamma Ma


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