To be bluntly honest, I have spent much of last year struggling to understand other cultures and to be understood. So much time has been spent doing this I have not coined many memorable phrases. I have certainly not started any internet grass roots campaigns like the hugely lauded success initiative from last year.

New Zealand it seems, is the best place to launch campaigns like this. The people are funnier, more versatile and seem to love getting behind good ideas.

On Saturday just past I was overwhelmed with the quality and quantity of people that had turned up to have a few drinks with us. One of our more urbane friends entered the periphery and I felt obligated to greet him in an urbane way. Sadly whilst I have been known to wear velour, know what a blunt is and listen to hip hop I had no physical gang sign that I could gesticulate with.

In fact the only sign based thing that I do these days is play Rock Paper Scissors.

Exhibit A

Never being one to let details get in the way of anything I greeted my friend with the words “Gang Signs”. Being a suave individual he was quite chuffed about this and I spent the next five minutes explaining the milisecond of thought which had gone into it. I then proceeded to tell each and every person I saw the rest of the weekend and it seems to be catching.

So the next time you want to appear cool, funny and maybe a bit kooky greet someone with;

“Gang Signs”

They will not forget it.

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