If you have been wondering where I have been over the last three weeks, I have been very busy.

Generally relaxation time for my Wife and I is measured in television episodes watched. Up until Sunday we had watched a grand total of one episode during our break. That is to say we had only had 50 minutes of time where we were not visiting, travelling, missioning or otherwise engaged.

We leave New Zealand on Wednesday and while I am not teary eyed just yet, it would be foolish for me to say I am not a little sad. I do have some amazing photos to share but as they are connected with the Wedding we attended I shall not be disclosing these until a later date.

New Zealand remains a fantastic place. People are nice here. I could sum up much of my European travels so far by saying “XXXX is amazing, shame about the people” New Zealand is amazing and it does have amazing people.

amazing burgers as well.

and amazing pizza.

and amazing special coffee, hic.

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