As illuminated previously the mild hurricane intensity of the last few weeks had not left me much time to observe and comment on life’s little surprises.

Thankfully a dwindling task list and return to Europe allowed my eyes to focus again on these again.

Shortly after the wedding the Southern hemisphere winter planted itself in New Zealand. We spent a very rainy Tuesday packing bags, laundry and other important household chores. In between showers my wife thought it would be wise to air out our room.

Her intentions were fair enough but she gave scant regard to physics, precipitation and my luggage. I entered our freshly aired room to discover my freshly packed luggage drowning under a torrential shower directly beneath the newly opened window. I was quite animated at this. I shared some of my passion with Anna and she responding in kind with a furious bout of laughter. Silly me for not closing my suitcase after I packed it!

Fast forward to Wednesday and we were once again immersed in the highly charged atmosphere which is Airports , lots of people and Air planes. We flew Emirates to Nice via Dubai and Sydney with Emirates. We got to fly in an Airbus A380 which was incredible.

Photo of our plane. They have cameras in the tails now.

It was splendid to see a really irritated Italian woman in Sydney who was a long way from home and was obviously overwhelmed with how frighteningly English Australia is. Let me replay her conversation with an Emirates person handler

SCUSA! (excuse me)

yes how can i help you?




Storms off and sits down pouting.

Ahh Italy how I missed you and I am not even near you yet.

Tune in tomorrow for more babblings. I have just finished a full days work after a mammoth 30 hour trip and subsequent broken nights sleep and I am starting to lose consciousness.

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