Back once again with the somewhat confused and very busy master.

Obviously the tasty bait for you in my previous paragraphs worked. Let me get you up to speed as I write down what has been going on.

I returned to RoMa on Wednesday the 28th. Things were as normal as they ever are. We had a lot of work to do and we were very lucky to get a day off. I had the following Monday off work and spent it with my Wife who is looking for a better job.

At about 6pm we gatecrashed a crew party at the Genova charter show and things were ticking along quite nicely until Uncle Phil gave me a call.

Dan! you have not been getting my messages have you?

No Phil I have not. What is up?

Jeeesus. The Captain and Chief Stewardess have been fired. We have guests on board. We have a new Captain and Chief Stewardess. Enjoy the rest of your day off.

Naturally I found it very hard to enjoy the rest of my day off and I made a quick stumble home to the boat to find out what had happened.

All of the crew were drinking and smoking by the crew entrance in shock. I found myself smoking and drinking as I got myself up to speed. I do not smoke, but I figure sometimes it pays to smoke, like after the birth of a child or in extraordinary circumstances.

The good news to come out of all of the changes for myself is that I have had a promotion. I am now the Electronics Technology Officer. What does this mean?

Well I am now officially responsible for all of the technology on board. I was unofficially responsible before. I now have my own email address. Something I have wanted for as long as I have been here. I also have a work laptop, I have had one of those before.

I have also been spending a lot of time inside. Something that is not lost upon El Fuerte and Uncle Phil.

We have lost and gained a lot of crew in the past few weeks. We have a new first officer from Holland. We have three new stewardess’s. We have a lot more people who speak German. I have only really worked with one German before in any capacity. Do you know how often people from New Zealand use ‘like a Nazi in everyday speak. Luckily I save my work place angst for my blog.

Which reminds me. For the last six months my previous Captain was reading my blog. Do you know how frustrating it is to have your Captain reading your blog? The amount of times I have had to bite my fingers beggars belief.

Still change is good. Let me list some of the positive changes

We are going to start having wine with our meals.

After our first officer bought some pink shammies the Captain bought us all pink caps. I think the shammies are more of a lavender purple but who am I to argue with such a good opportunity to take the piss.

We are going to have some training courses paid for.

We can make suggestions and they might get taken up.

Like everything, the proof remains in the pudding. Maybe I will get some pavlova soon.

In the mean time, enjoy some photos of Genova from my crew printer buying expedition on Saturday.

Archway of some importance I hope.

Beautiful building. I could own that.

Genova has these interesting garden things going up the side of hills all over the place.

Finally some art work. Photos are in reverse chronological order. Or barclangers or what ever Swedish people say. I hope they are still reading.

We are now off to Monaco for the Grand Prix. After the Grand Prix we will be going back to Viareggio. Viareggio is about as New Zealand as Italy gets.


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  1. AnDrE
    AnDrE says:

    aqui una de tus mayores seguidoras, aunque el traductor no es muy bueno.
    espero que los cambios sean buenos, aunque el tio phil y el fuerte creo que te echan algo de menos
    a big kiss


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