My dreams of being a artist of leisure, writer, DJ, short film maker, performance mockist, Swedish lesson maker and cultural ambassador in the Riviera turned out to be only that. Last week was a very positive one in Antibes. We nested in a small hotel after our wonderful weekend in Nice and set about selling ourselves again. A year later it is a lot easier prospect and one that is not as terrifying. Most people are very positive and the ones that are not have been filed in the do not/disturbed folder.

Anna chanced upon some temporary work back in Italy for four days. I set about moving our belongings into a large apartment. The apartment is huge, I had looked forward to spending a relaxing weekend, sun bathing, drinking Gin and tinkering on my new mixer. My hopes were dashed when I ended up lending a hand to a friends boat in Cannes. This hand has turned into five days work and I have shelved all of my dreams.

For now.

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